The Experience - Wonderglow Light Trail

Experience wonderland like never before. A mesmerizing light trail experience inspired by Lewis Carroll’s timeless tale; Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is waiting for you to discover.  

Enchanting paths, exciting adventures, luminous experiences: Alice’s light trail beckons.  

Drink me bottle at the Wonderglow light trail

Unlock the door to Wonderland

The keyhole entrance at the Wonderglow llight trail

Begin this visual journey through Lewis Carroll’s whimsical world through the keyhole. Soft swirling lights and floating keys introduce you to this enchanting light trail. As you venture through this unusual world you’ll be met by the peculiar sites of Wonderland. Enter a magical forest of butterflies and mushrooms and hear the caterpillar’s wisdom, pass peculiar bubbling bottles labelled ‘drink me’, try to spot the mischievous Cheshire Cat’s glowing grin and stop by Alice's whimsical tea party. Don’t linger too long in the jabberwocky’s eerie lair! 

illuminations at the Wonderglow light trail
illuminations at the Wonderglow light trail
Trees illuminated at the Wonderglow light trail

An adventure like no other

After you’ve ventured through this peculiar light trail, why not stop and indulge yourself in a hot chocolate and a homemade cake for some refreshments? And be sure to snap some photos at our photo opportunities and share them across social media!

Alice holding a tea cup at Wonderglow light trail