Picture of a white rabbit holding a watch walking through an illuminated forest


Enchanting paths, exciting adventures, glowing experiences: Alice's light trail at Dartington Hall beckons.

Our Alice In Wonderland light trail, ‘Wonderglow’ is a visual journey through Lewis Carroll’s whimsical world. Join us for a magical experience like no other. Embark on an enchanting journey through the Wonderglow Light Trail, where the ethereal glow of Alice in Wonderland-themed illuminations transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Immerse yourself in the magic as ambient sounds transport you to a whimsical realm, where every step unveils a new adventure, and every corner holds the promise of mystery. Step into a world where wonder knows no bounds and excitement awaits at every turn in this extraordinary Wonderglow Light Trail experience.


Wonderglow an Alice In Wonderland light trail

Alice holding a teacup at Wonderglow

Begin this visual journey through Lewis Carroll’s whimsical world at Wonderglow through the keyhole. Soft swirling lights and floating keys introduce you to this enchanting Wonderglow light trail. As you venture through this unusual world you’ll be met by the peculiar sites of Wonderland.

Enter a magical forest of butterflies and mushrooms and hear the caterpillar’s wisdom, pass peculiar bubbling bottles labelled ‘drink me’, try to spot the mischievous Cheshire Cat’s glowing grin and stop by the Mad Hatter’s whimsical tea party. Don’t linger too long in the jabberwocky’s eerie lair!

After you’ve ventured through this peculiar world at Dartington Hall guests can stop at; The Cheshire Cat confections, The Queen of Hearts Royal Delights or Dartington Hall’s own eateries; White Hart pub, The Green Table and the Roundhouse for some refreshments.

But that’s not all, there are many more activities to do for the whole family! Make sure to snap some photos during your enchanting time at Wonderglow at our photo opportunities! 

Where is Wonderglow?

Based on 1,200 acres of beautiful parkland outside Totnes in South Devon, Dartington Estate is a historic visitor destination, centred around the medieval Great Hall, Courtyard and Grade II* Listed Gardens.

Dartington Hall Gardens, Dartington Hall, Totnes TQ9 6EL


Stay Local

Stay at the beautiful Dartington Hall itself!  A variety of offerings, including from April the stunning campsite is open. Take a look and book via Dartington Hall directly